I love languages and more recently the field of linguistics. Anyone who knows me well knows this, and I end up with messages and wall posts of the multilingual “Let it Go” from Frozen on my Facebook, people writing happy birthday in multiple languages translated by Google Translate, and I just end up with things that have to do with, well, languages.

And I love it.

I’m a receptive bilingual of Japanese and despite the fact that I can’t produce that much of the language anymore, it and Japan both hold a special place in my heart. I studied Spanish in high school and taught myself Brazilian Portuguese shortly after, and at this point my Portuguese is slowly swallowing up my Spanish. I studied Mandarin and French in college for both one year each.

I can introduce myself in Russian and have dipped my feet inĀ Catalan. I’m interested in Hindi, Czech and/or Polish, Swahili, and would like to learn more about indigenous Latin AmericanĀ languages.

As for linguistics, I graduated with a degree in applied linguistics, in which case my school doesn’t follow the guidelines of the traditional definition of applied linguistics. I didn’t learn how to teach English or anything like that, but I had a really flexible schedule which allowed me to study other cool subfields of linguistics like sociolinguistics and second language acquisition (which are two of my favorite fields). I would love to learn more about semantics and psycholinguistics.

My daily life consists of actively using a language other than English (Portuguese) and hearing the TV and conversations in Japanese, listening to music in anything from Spanish to French to Swahili to You-Name-It, searching the web for academic articles on linguistics, and searching YouTube to hear what a certain language sounds like. More than half of my bookshelf houses linguistics books and textbooks and language magazines. And I hoard maps of places in every language they offer. It never stops.