I started this blog in 2013 when I was freshman in college with no direction but in the direction of languages. I had fallen in love with Spanish in high school, and just when I thought that Spanish was my one and only love, I learned Brazilian Portuguese and took Mandarin, French, and Japanese language courses in college.

In my junior year of college, when I had thought I was going to major in Spanish and Portuguese, I was dropped down the rabbit hole of linguistics, never turned back, and am still exploring that wonderland. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics and am currently on the last year (!) of my Master’s degree in linguistics with a concentration in Language and Culture.

While my concentration seems quite restricted to sociolinguistics, I have a variety of interests within the field, such as historical linguistics, phonetics and phonology, and second language acquisition. The language I conduct most of my research in is Brazilian Portuguese, with the occasional dabble in Japanese and Spanish.

Here, I write about languages and language learning, academic life in college, and travel, when I can get around to it. My favorite countries (so far) are Brazil and Japan, and apparently I love to wear blue shirts and have the same stance next to statues and birds.

If you would like to contact me, please send me an email at: watchyourlang@yahoo.com

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